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Board of Trustees

Current Officers

Katy Mathias, President

Andrea Chymiy, Vice President

Roger Coulter, Treasurer

Brenda McVay, Secretary

Katy Mathias 2015Katy Mathias, Conservation Trust Investment Survey Project Manager for the Wildlife Conservation Society

Katy Mathias combines experience in nonprofit management, performance measurement and project leadership in her role as the Conservation Trust Investment Survey Project Manager for the Wildlife Conservation Society. Katy earned a Masters in Public and Private Management (MBA) from the Yale School of Management, with concentrations in Strategy and Finance, and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Tufts University. She has over 20 years of experience in management and finance, having served as a consultant to for- and not-for-profit organizations in organizational effectiveness, executive compensation, performance measurement & analysis and project effectiveness. In recent years, Katy has served as the Associate Director at Salish Sea Expeditions and the Business Manager for the Center for Wooden Boats. She currently serves on the Board of The Island School. Katy is an avid baker and enjoys thinking up new ways to cook with chocolate. She also enjoys sailing and hopes some day to master docking. Katy lives on Bainbridge with her husband and two children (both of whom are Peacock Family Center alumni).

Andrea Chimley

Andrea Chymiy, MD, MPH – Physician, Pacifica Medicine & Wellness

Andrea has been a Bainbridge resident since 2003. She is a family doctor at Pacifica Medicine & Wellness in Poulsbo. She received a B.S. in Molecular Biology from Vanderbilt University and an M.D. and M.P.H. from Tulane University. Prior to moving to Kitsap County, Andrea did her residency training at Swedish Medical Center and worked for several years at a community health clinic in Seattle. She has also worked in the correctional facilities healthcare system in Washington & Louisiana.  Andrea’s professional interests include women’s and children’s health, and public health. In her “free” time Andrea drives a mean carpool, competes in triathlons, and enjoys traveling with her husband, Thomas, and her kids Jacob and Noelle.


RogerRoger Coulter, CFO, General Biodiesel

Roger is currently the CFO of General Biodiesel, the region’s largest producer of biodiesel from waste cooking oil. Roger uses his expertise in strategy, finance, and operations to provide insights and make Peacock Family Center more effective in executing its mission. He has experience with large international companies, including Goldman Sachs and Amazon.com, as well as medium organizations, early-stage startups, and mission-driven organizations. Roger excels at analyzing and diagnosing the root causes of operational inefficiencies and developing solutions to align business processes with the overall mission and strategy of the organization. Roger earned his B.A. from Brown University and his Masters of Public and Private Management from Yale University. In the summer months, if Roger’s not in his office, he’s out sailing with his family on the boat he built for his honeymoon.

Brenda McVayBrenda McVay, Early Interventionist

Brenda McVay created, developed and directed The Learning Place preschool in Stamford, CT from 2002-2006.  She has taught children in a variety of program settings over her career, most recently supervising a special education classroom on Bainbridge Island and in North Carolina before that.  Brenda has instructed Early Childhood Education undergraduate students at Kansas State University’s Hoeflin Stonehouse childhood development center, has led two separate Headstart programs, and early in her career worked to help military families at an army installation childhood development center.  Brenda holds a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Kansas State University and a Bachelors of Education degree in Elementary Education from the University of Hawaii.  Brenda is an active volunteer, currently devoting time to assist the Blazers Cross Country Program and, along with her husband and two children, calls Bainbridge Island home.

Robin Miller, Owner, Miller Speech/Language Pathology

Robin Miller, MA, CCC/SLP, has 19 years of experience as a Speech/Language Pathologist. She has been a resident of Bainbridge Island since 2003. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 1996 at the University of Washington, Robin then traveled to the other side of the mountains to obtain her Master of Arts in Speech/Hearing Sciences at Washington State University in 1998. Robin originally began her speech and language career in adult neurogenics, completing her Clinical Fellowship at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle. Over time, she broadened her skills to provide care to preschool and school aged children. Robin now enjoys full-time employment in her private practice providing speech and language therapy to children and adults. In her free time, Robin enjoys the company of her family, husband and two children, as well as her non-human family members which include, 2 dogs, 2 cats and cockatiel and 2 fish.



Advisory Council

Sue Anderson, Psychotherapist

Carolyn Flack, School Nurse, Kitsap School District

Kathleen Phillips, Educator

Val Baustista, Occupational Therapist, Dahlia Center

Sheila Kent, Co-Founder, original Peacock Playtime

Thomas Monk, MD, Pediatrician, The Doctors Clinic

Kelly Sparks, Co-Founder, Peacock Family Center; Associate Dean of Finance and Operations, University of Oregon School of Law

Molly Linhardt, MD, Pediatrician, Bainbridge Pediatrics

Stephanie Farquar, PHD, Associate Professor of Health UOP/ UW

Tana Materi, Esq., Carney, Badley, Spellman