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Our Vision, Mission, and Values





Our Vision

The children of North Kitsap County will reach their full potential, nurtured by families and caregivers who feel supported, informed and connected.

Our Mission

Peacock Family Services’ mission is to promote the healthy social and emotional development of children by providing nurturing and enriching care and family support.


Our Values

Peacock values Inclusiveness 

Peacock believes that inclusiveness is essential to a diverse, engaged, and supported community of families. From our dedication to providing access through financial support for childcare, to recognizing that each child and family’s needs are unique and valued, we express our commitment to inclusiveness.

Peacock values Health

Peacock believes that a healthy environment is essential for a healthy child. From our collaboration with parents in developing the whole child, to our investment in our staff’s development, and our eco-friendly facility, we demonstrate our commitment to emotional and physical health.

Peacock values Community

Peacock believes in the importance of providing a supportive community for our families. From our early childhood center, to our family resources, and community partnerships, we are committed to being the resource hub for families in the greater Bainbridge community.