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Join us for a Delightful and Insightful Evening

Marilyn-Price-MitchellPeacock Family Services is excited to announce that Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, developmental psychologist and author of Tomorrow’s Change Makers: Reclaiming the Power of Citizenship for a New Generation, will be the featured speaker at our upcoming Peacocktail Party, Creating Building Blocks for a New Generation.

Each and every day, families, schools, and communities play important roles in raising tomorrow’s change makers—young people who will stand up for principles like freedom, equality, and social justice. But how does this happen? How do we support young people to become their best selves in a complex global society? Tomorrow’s Change Makers reveals new and surprising research, and delivers encouraging answers.

Marilyn Price-Mitchell is a fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University, where she studies how children grow to become caring family members, innovative workers, ethical leaders, and engaged citizens in an increasingly complex society.

FAMILY logo with wineThe Peacocktail Party will be on November 7th, 6 – 9pm, at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, where our guests will enjoy sumptuous seasonal fare, delicious drinks, and great conversation. Together we will explore how families, schools, and communities partner to help our children reach their full potential.

Please join us for this delightful and insightful evening in support of Peacock Family Services. Tickets available at PeacockFamilyCenter.org. For questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, contact Kathy Haskin, Peacock’s Executive Director, at Kathy@PeacockFamilyCenter.org.


Recent praise of Marilyn’s book

“For those who are worried about our kids and our country, Tomorrow’s Change Makers offers inspiration and hope. Best of all, it is chock full of insights and action steps that can help change the lives of young people you may work with, know, or love.”  —Marguerite Kondracke, retired CEO of America’s Promise Alliance

“Guided by Dr. Price-Mitchell’s profound wisdom and groundbreaking research, Tomorrow’s Change Makers gives parents, educators, and community leaders the tools to cultivate and inspire positive youth development. By giving the next generation opportunities to develop empathy and empowering them to make a difference, we can reduce prejudice, inequality, racism, and bullying. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves a child and wants to see a better world.”  —Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Mama & Hands Free Life

“Dr. Price-Mitchell’s research will be of interest to every teacher, parent, and counselor who hopes to inspire citizenship and positive development in young people.”  —Judith Stevens-Long, PhD, Malcolm Knowles Professor of Adult Learning, Fielding Graduate University


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