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Join us at the Bainbridge Bash!

“Hey, I have my Mario shirt on today too!”

The two boys were drawn together on the preschool playground, first due to matching shirts, then through the joy of imaginative play zooming throughout the outdoor classroom – a new friendship began.

Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can flyThen came the time for the teachers to assemble their students, “OK everyone, time to head inside.” The boys found themselves in separate groups, heading to different classrooms. What normally would have been an outburst fueled by the emotions of disappointment, turned into a new step for these two young students.

“Can I go with him?” the five year old asked for what he wanted. Noting this shift in his behavior, the teachers arranged for him to visit his friend’s classroom that morning. The hours that followed were delightful and without outbursts or attention-seeking behaviors from the pair.

Was it the new friendship? Was it the benefit of having the choice? Or was this an example of social/emotional development? In early childhood education, it is most often all of the above.

This example is at the core of Peacock’s attachment-based, nurturing care that is child-driven and developmentally focused. What matters most is that this child asked for what he wanted/needed, and the teachers responded.

Peacock Family Services was founded in 2009 with the belief that access to high quality childcare should not be limited to economically advantaged families. Community support and collaboration is critical to making our childcare services available to a cross-section of the population. Many children of families with financial challenges face multiple risk factors that negatively affect school readiness and later achievement.

Funds raised on April 28th during Peacock’s spring fundraiser, The Bainbridge Bash, will help to sustain the services we provide in the community, one of which is Peacock’s Childcare Tuition Assistance Program. The average annual cost of childcare in WA State is $22,997, representing 12% of the state’s median income, a level difficult for low-income families to transcend without tuition assistance. Currently 20.9% of Peacock’s total tuition hours are supported for families in need.

The qualitative outcomes of supporting early education reflect the importance of our efforts. As one of our financially-supported families, who adopted a child in need, expressed, “Thank you for all your hard work helping him along this last year! We love watching him grow with your help. You have changed his and our lives with your support. We are learning so much from you as parents. Thank you for seeing our son for who he is and bringing us out of our rough spots. Peacock has helped with his speech challenges, improved his manners, and we all got him potty trained!

Your support this spring will ensure that all families can to do what is best for their children. How can you contribute to our fundraiser?

Peacock Family Services believes that inclusiveness is essential to a diverse, engaged, and supported community of families. For this reason, the only limitation we have in serving at-risk families is the amount of support we are able to draw in from our community.

Please help us in celebrating our community’s families by joining us at The Bash.

Looking forward,

Kathy Haskin
Executive Director
Peacock Family Services


Peacock Family Services is grateful

for the support from our community sponsors!

“What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child,

that must the community want for all its children.”

John Dewey



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