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What we want for all our children

One of the hardest things we have to do, as staff, is tell a family we cannot currently offer their child a place in our programs because we do not have enough tuition assistance funds available.

“Isn’t there anything for single mothers trying to get ahead?” one parent said to us, with hope draining from her face.

Our office manager explained Peacock’s approach to the difference between what a family can afford and the true cost of care. This can be as much as $600/month for each full-time child. “Peacock raises funds to cover that with scholarships,” the manager explained as empathy filled her heart. “But we have reached our limit and need more funds first.” Inconsolable, the mom left the Center without giving her name.

lindsey and elijah 2That’s why we’re thrilled when we can extend that helping hand to families with financial constraints. For example, when monies from a fundraiser expanded our budget recently, our office manager called the next set of parents on our tuition assistance waiting list. The couple were living with grandparents while searching for affordable childcare options for their daughter. Gratitude flowed through the phone lines as the enrollment process began. “We can have everything ready for her by Monday,” our manager said, matching the parents’ excitement and appreciation of the moment.

This we know:

  • High-quality Early Childhood Education, such as Peacock, can help close the gap between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers by improving school readiness, reducing risk for grade repetition and special education placement, while increasing high school graduation rates.
  • Despite the importance of care during these early years, the cost of childcare is a challenge to many Washington State families. Additionally, over 75% of working moms, and half of working dads, passed up work opportunities, switched jobs, or quit their jobs to take care of their children.
  • Through our commitment to inclusiveness, Peacock offers families a high level of tuition assistance. Currently, Peacock’s Tuition Assistance Program supports 31% of our enrolled hours, but the need is significantly greater.

Can you join us in supporting the families in our community with a donation today?

Your tax deductible contributions may be given directly at our website or through One Call for All.

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