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Taming the Lion: How to Handle Frustration

As spring moves closer and closer to us, I would like to bring up a curriculum topic that sometimes arises more frequently for some reason in the spring, when the weather starts to warm and the layers start to peel off.  That subject is dealing with frustration with young children, helping them to recognize when they are frustrated and facilitating effective and appropriate ways to
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Super Sleep for Little Peeps

Dear Peacock Family Center parents: In today’s newsletter, I would like to focus on a very important topic in the early childhood environment, that of sleep. As we all know, sleep is essential for the healthy development of young childrens’ brains and bodies. Picture this scenario: A child regularly comes to school without adequate sleep for a variety of reasons. This child, as a
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February Learning Gems

Dear Community, February, the shortest month of the year has three predominant themes that run through it. The first is African American History month where in many communities and classrooms, important contributions that African Americans have made and their historic significance to our culture are highlighted and celebrated in all kinds of creative and inspiring ways. With young children, I have always loved to celebrate
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Peacock Launches Online Family Resource Directory

We are thrilled to announce we have launched the region’s first online directory for families seeking support services and resources in North Kitsap County. The database provides a listing of the area’s service providers, such as pediatricians, birth doulas, family therapists, occupational therapists, and lactation consultants. It also provides resources such as preschool listings, services for children with special needs, parenting support, and crisis
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Toddlers and Corn

MLK and The Importance of Diversity Learning

As we immerse ourselves in the winter and what January gives us, we naturally turn to cold and snow and ice. Many of us battle illnesses, and wait impatiently for spring and warmer weather. We find it hard to accept what is. We sometimes forget about the beauty of rain, or the magical quality of snow. Children remind us all the time how to stop
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The Group at GROW

Block Play Throughout Early Childhood

Dear Friends, As all our attention is focused on autumn and Halloween, I would like to turn our minds on something entirely different for a brief while. This, by the way, is a useful strategy when excitement towards a particular event is getting a little over the top just way too exciting. Changes of venues are always helpful. The topic I have been quite interested
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Diversity in the PreSchool Classroom

Dear Peacock Community: Greetings! As the classrooms at Peacock are alive and well celebrating autumn, anticipating Halloween, and welcoming diversity of all forms in our classrooms, I am reminded of how vital all these things are to our center, to a young child’s life, to our Peacock community and beyond. On a recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I am from,
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Sleeping Beauty

The Magic of Music

Dear Peacock Family Center Parents: As we officially put summer to a close and move ourselves towards the beauty and the inwardness of autumn, I think of music. The “autumn” movement from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons comes to mind – a poignant and stunning piece of music that describes the feelings that autumn can often evoke as we both grumble about and celebrate this pivotal season
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Art Always!

Children, In the Moment

Dear Community, Here we are in August already, when summer is at its fullest. As we soak in the rays of summer’s sun, and begin to pick blackberries and watch our gardens ripen to their fullest, it is a time to also reflect on the abundance that we all have in our lives.  In today’s newsletter, I will be quoting from one of the sages
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Nature Walk Choo-Choo!

The Importance of Dramatic Play

Hello Dear Community, Today I will focus on the area of dramatic play which is a central part of the preschool classroom and pivotal in helping to create a healthy development in the young child. In the dramatic play area, children are allowed to break through the restrictions of reality and pretend to be someone or something different than themselves, and they can make up
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