Diversity in the PreSchool Classroom

Dear Peacock Community: Greetings! As the classrooms at Peacock are alive and well celebrating autumn, anticipating Halloween, and welcoming diversity of all forms in our classrooms, I am reminded of how vital all these things are to our center, to a young child’s life, to our Peacock community and beyond. On a recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I am from,
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Sleeping Beauty

The Magic of Music

Dear Peacock Family Center Parents: As we officially put summer to a close and move ourselves towards the beauty and the inwardness of autumn, I think of music. The “autumn” movement from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons comes to mind – a poignant and stunning piece of music that describes the feelings that autumn can often evoke as we both grumble about and celebrate this pivotal season
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Art Always!

Children, In the Moment

Dear Community, Here we are in August already, when summer is at its fullest. As we soak in the rays of summer’s sun, and begin to pick blackberries and watch our gardens ripen to their fullest, it is a time to also reflect on the abundance that we all have in our lives.  In today’s newsletter, I will be quoting from one of the sages
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Nature Walk Choo-Choo!

The Importance of Dramatic Play

Hello Dear Community, Today I will focus on the area of dramatic play which is a central part of the preschool classroom and pivotal in helping to create a healthy development in the young child. In the dramatic play area, children are allowed to break through the restrictions of reality and pretend to be someone or something different than themselves, and they can make up
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photo (58)

Transitions and Trust: July 26th

Hello Dear Community, The children are all immersed in summer programming, watching the garden create a bountiful harvest,  getting their bodies all wet in stupendously fun water play, and taking exciting field trips. As I was watching the children’s faces as they were singing and watching their teachers sing and dance and play instruments, I felt from them a collective joy in just being here at school. A toddler,
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Classroom Communities: July 19

Hello Dear Community, What a fabulous week of exciting field trips we have had!  As I write this, the children are napping and resting after a thrilling morning at the Bainbridge Fire Department. You will see from the pictures (see below) that they were beyond happy to be part of the fire department experience. Climbing aboard the fire boat, looking at all the fire engines
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4th of July Peacockers!

Tears and Tantrums: July 2

Hello Dear Peacock Community: I hope you all had a fabulous fourth. So many activities happened, parades, and fireworks, pony rides and painted faces, an almost full beautiful moon and a glorious sunny day. So much to be thankful for… Welcome summer! As I was sitting at the Peacock booth, alas, I did not get to witness the parade, but what I did get
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Exploring Waterfront Park

Social Studies for Early Childhood: July 9

Dear Peacock Community: What an exciting week this has been! Fabulous curriculum ideas have been bursting out of classrooms, as exciting water exploration has erupted outside in our own little yard.( Thank you so very much for bringing in swim suits, towels, and water shoes.) Speaking of our own little yard, this week the children have been eating their way through the garden. Ripe mulberries, and peas and beans
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Our Programs

Welcome to the C. Keith Birkenfeld Early Childhood Center at Peacock. Our goal is to be a leader in building healthy communities combining content rich early childhood education, full-time care options for 6 weeks to 6 years, and family support services. A COMMUNITY OF CARE UNDER ONE ROOF. Our unique Creative Curriculum combines concepts of RIE, Reggio and Montessouri early-childhood programs. Responsive caregiving, support
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Maslow Theories on Needs: May 14

Dear Parents: Warm weather arrived for all of us, and with these lovely days, we have spent some very enjoyable times outside with all kinds of water play as we bask in the sun, letting water and sun do wonders to the growing plants and to growing children.  It’s amazing, but I can see growth spurts in the children this week. Maybe you have noticed
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