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Family Support

Resource Library and Referral

Our lending library covers topics such as pregnancy and childbirth, lactation, child development, parenting, multiples, adoption, yoga, and nutrition. The library also provides information on local resources and community offerings. No fee to utilize, simply stop by the Peacock Family Center at 305 N. Madison Avenue, Suite C., Bainbridge Island WA

Developmental Screening

Because of the rapid changes in the early years of childhood, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others recommend that infants and young children be screened on a regular and periodic basis, where a professional works with parents and caregivers to celebrate developmental gains and watch for any delays. Developmental screening is an opportunity to think closely about your child’s development, share your unique observation of your child, and learn about developmental stages. If your child attends the Peacock Family Center, discuss this opportunity with staff for developmental screening and monitoring of children 12 months through five years old, using the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE, social emotional).

Family Evenings

These evenings for families are designed to foster community and provide information on topics of general interest such as developmental stages in childhood, comparative educational models, parenting, nutrition, self-care, greening your family life, and more. To learn more about our upcoming educational evenings, visit our Workshops page.