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Enrollment & Schedules

We invite you to call (206) 780-1505 or e-mail our Office Manager at eliza@peacockfamilycenter.org to schedule a tour of our programs and facility. We utilize a unique, modular enrollment program which allows you to customize your schedule based on your family’s needs and our class availability. In the meantime, feel free to browse our enrollment paperwork, parent handbooks, and current schedules.

In the spirit of emergency preparedness, Peacock Family Services requests that all youth in our programs supply an emergency kit. Emergency kits should arrive in a pest and weather-resistant container clearly labeled with your child’s name. Keep in mind that we are a nut-free facility. Kits are stored in a non-refrigerated outdoor shed.

Emergency Kit Should Include:

  • An Encouraging Love Letter from You
  • Bottle of Water (Individual) x 1
  • Bottles, Formula, and Disposable Diapers for Infants
  • Breakfast Bar (No Nuts) x 1
  • Breakfast Cereal (Single-Serving Size) x 1
  • Can of Chicken or Protein Substitute (Pull Top) x 1
  • Can of Fruit (Pull Top) x 1
  • Can of Pudding (Pull Top) x 1
  • Can of Soup, Chili, or Spaghetti (Pull Top) x 1
  • Family Picture, Small Toy, or Comfort Item
  • Flashlight & Spare Batteries
  • Granola Bar (No Nuts) x 1
  • Juice Boxes (Small) x 2
  • Medications: 3-Day Supply (If Needed)
  • Mylar Emergency Blanket (can be found at hardware stores)
  • Soy Milk or Non-Perishable Milk (Small Boxes, No Nuts) x 2

*Adjust contents to fit your child’s specific needs and preferences. In the event that youth leave our programs, your emergency kit will be returned to you. Any unwanted items will be donated to families that are unable to create an emergency kit.