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Please feel free to call or email to schedule a visit and tour.

Office: 206-780-1505

Email: eliza@peacockfamilycenter.org

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Download the Department of Health’s Certificate of Immunization Status (necessary for enrollment) here

Download the 2017 Parent Handbook Here.

Quarterly Schedule – Dynamic PDF

Emergency Kit should Include:
Family Picture, small toy or comfort item.
One pull top can of fruit
One pull top can of soup, chili or spaghetti
Single serving size breakfast cereal
Two small juice boxes
One pull top can of chicken (or protein substitute)
Mylar emergency blanket (carried at local hardware store)
Bottles, formula and disposable diapers for infants
Three day supply of important medications if needed
An encouraging love letter from you
One pull top can of pudding
One breakfast bar(no nuts)
One granola bar (no nuts)
Two small boxes soy milk or non-perishable milk (no nut milks)
Flashlight and batteries
One individual bottled water

Emergency kit items must not contain nuts.
Adjust contents to fit your child’s specific needs and preferences. Emergency kits will be kept in a non-refrigerated outdoor shed. Please stock them in a pest and weather resistant container clearly labeled with your child’s name.