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Nature Nuts

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Discover. Explore. Connect.

“After participating in Nature Nuts, my kindergartner is more confident and independent, and has learned so many new skills!” – Nature Nuts Parent

Focusing on communication, team building, and the Next Generation Science Standards, Nature Nuts offers unique outdoor programming on and near Bainbridge Island. Sharing fun, hands-on learning experiences where participants are encouraged to discover through adventurous play, free exploration, and guided field investigations, and facilitated by experienced instructors from Peacock Family Services.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our community, Nature Nuts offers a variety of programming that runs seasonally throughout the year. Click to learn more about our after school and day camp programs!

After School Programs

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We are excited to partner with the Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation District this year as youth K-2 brush up on the arts, practice basic first aid, and discover stewardship this winter! Join us after school from 12:50PM – 5:45PM on Mondays and 2:20PM – 5:45PM Tuesdays through Fridays. Learn more by clicking here.

  • Wilderness First Aid (Feb. 12 – Mar. 16): Registration closed on Friday, Feb. 9th.
  • Going Green (Mar. 19 – Apr. 20): Registration closes on Friday, Mar. 16th.
  • Foraging & Foods (Apr. 23 – May 21): Registration closes on Friday, Apr. 20th.
  • Flora & Fauna (May 23 – June 20): Registration closes on Friday, May 25th.

Day Camps

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We are thrilled to experience fun, friendship, and discovery in 2018 as we host two three-day camps for youth K-2 during the mid-winter and spring breaks on Bainbridge Island, as well as eight weeks of summer fun for youth entering grades K-3! Our regular hours run from 9AM – 4:30PM. We offer extended hours from 8:30AM – 5:30PM to extend the fun. Save the dates and join us as we form friendships, build skills, and make memories! Learn more by clicking here.

  • Hands-On History (mid-winter break, February 19-21, 2018)
  • Summer Camps (June 25 – August 17, 2018)