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Day Camps with Nature Nuts

Discover. Explore. Connect.

Nature Nuts all-day outdoor immersion camps get kids moving, playing, and exploring our local environment. Peacock outdoor instructors are passionate about the environment and help bring the wonders of our natural world to life for each child. Active, outdoor play has been proven to have incredible developmental benefits for kids, not to mention the connections created at this age that build a foundation for a lifetime love of nature and future environmental stewardship.

Nature Nuts maintains small group sizes, enabling strong relationships between all the children and instructors, as well as the mobility to travel all over Bainbridge Island. Each day the Nature Nuts can be found exploring the island’s beaches and forests, engaging in games, learning activities, and ample free play with exploration.  Spaces are limited, register now and secure your space for a summer to remember!

Summer Day Camps

June 24 – August 23, 2019

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Get ready for a summer of sun, fun, and friendship as we host nine weeks of day camps for youth entering grades K-3! Our regular hours run from 9AM – 5PM. We offer extended hours from 8:30AM – 6PM to extend the fun. While we spend most of our time exploring the outdoors at various locations on and near Bainbridge Island, we base our summer programs out of the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church – a lovely facility with incredible outdoor spaces, and an indoor space for us to relax.

A Brush with Nature

(June 24-28) $325 regular hours/ $375 extended hours

Discover the budding artist in you and the beauty of the natural world from mosaics to music. Join us as we draw, design, paint, and sculpt our way toward natural works of art. Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Driftwood Sculptures, Forest Art, Nature Journals, Watercolor Painting.

Sasquatch Seekers IMG_0372

(July 1-5, closed July 4th) $260 regular/ $280 extended

Did you know that Kitsap has more Bigfoot sightings than almost anywhere else on earth? We’ll hone our outdoor observation skills while trying to track this friendly, yet elusive creature. Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Animal Tracking, Native Plant Identification, Storytelling, Bird Watching, Epic Scavenger Hunts.

8Myths, Magic, and Make Believe

(July 8-12) $330 regular hours/ $380 extended hours

Discover the hidden magic of the outdoors. Let your imagination run wild as we explore a world of fantastic beasts, mythical characters, and magical stories. Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Fairy/Gnome House Construction, Potion Making, Storytelling, Wand Waving.

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Awesome Animals
This camp is almost full! Please contact us directly to ensure there is still space.

 (July 15- 19) $330 regular hours/ $380 extended hours.

From beetles to basset hounds, help us create a safer community for all creatures! Become an animal steward as we investigate animals, their behaviors, and needs. Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Safe Interactions with Animals, Animal Body Language, Bird Watching, Basic Animal Care, Veterinary Science, Wildlife Guests.

5Treasure Island This camp is full! If you would like to be added to the Wait List, please let us know on the registration form.

(July 22-26)  $325 regular hours/ $375 extended hours

Uncover clues that will lead us to hidden trails and treasures! Crack secret codes, discover amazing gadgets, and master mapping while learning about history, art, science, and more. Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Code Cracking, Compassing, Geocaching, Intro to Mapping, Treasure Hunting, Hiking and Exploring.

6Camp Skills

 (July 29- August 2) $325 regular hours/ $375 extended hours

Let’s experience the wild in the wilderness! This week is all about  boning up on our camping skills. We’ll forage for food, build fires for cooking and warmth, set-up tents and create shelters of our own. Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Basic First Aid, Fire Safety, Edible Plant Identification, Leave No Trace, Tent Set- Up, Using a Water Filter, Shelter Making.

7Water Wonderland This camp is full! If you would like to be added to the Wait List, please let us know on the registration form.

(August 5-9) $330 regular hours/ $380 extended hours

Splash into summer fun as we search for shells, build boats, and explore the shorelines of Bainbridge Island. Be sure to pack your bathing suit and sunscreen for this wild week in the water! Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Beach Explorations, Boat Building, Nature Crafts, Water Balloons, Reading Tides & Charts.

Earth Explorers

 (August 12-16) $325 regular hours/ $375 extended hours

Are you ready to become an Earth Explorer? Join a group dedicated to the protection of our planet! Help migrating birds, save bee habitats, and dig into the dirt during this “tree-mendous” week! Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Citizen Scientists, Stewardship Projects, Identifying Invasive Species, Leave No Trace Principles.

IMG_0222Flora and More

(August 19- 23) $325 regular hours/ $375 extended hours

Cap off summer with an exploration of the awesome plants around our island. From seaweeds to salal, we will learn the differences between natives and invasive species, forage for delicious berries and herbs, plus make our own ice cream and teas using edible plants we’ve picked ourselves. Some Activities Participants Will Be Doing & Learning: Beach Explorations, Nature Crafts, Foraging, Cultural Wisdom.

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Daily Drop-in

Campers may have the option to join Nature Nuts on a day by day basis. Spaces are limited and drop-in eligibility is based on enrollment. Registration for camp is ongoing, so the Program Director may wait until closer to the requested day to confirm your child’s drop-in dates, since priority must go to full-week campers. Click Here to go to a daily drop-in request form.

Scholarships Available

Scholarships and discounts are available to help with a family’s financial constraint. Peacock works in partnership with Helpline House to assess each family’s need. Please email them directly and we will then be in touch! Sibling discounts are also available to families with multiple Nature Nuts in one family.

Refund Policy

We understand that things come up in life, and that you may need to cancel a registration for a camp. You can always contact the Program Director to inquire about moving your child to a different week (if space is available) at no cost. If after evaluating whether re-registration for a future camp is not right for your participant, we can cancel the registration following the guidelines below. Please call or e-mail the Nature Nuts Program Director if you would like to reschedule or cancel a camp registration.

  • Cancellations made at least one month prior to the camp start date will receive a full refund, less a 10% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made 2-4 weeks before the camp start date will receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the camp start date will not receive a refund unless the reserved space is filled prior to the first day of camp. If the space is filled, you will receive a 50% refund.

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For more information about the Nature Nuts after school program or camps, please contact our Program Director, Val Loughney Stapleton.

E-mail: naturenutsbainbridge@gmail.com

Phone: (206) 780-1505