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Peacock’s Pre-K program fully prepares each student for the excitement and also the challenges of kindergarten.

Our Pre-K kids are engaged from the morning until the afternoon in a curriculum-rich day which truly instills a love of learning and exploration.

2013-10-24While always keeping in mind the developmental needs of the 3-5 year olds, Peacock’s teaching team uses an emergent curriculum that is anchored in both academic concepts and a highly creative component. These different modalities blend together beautifully, inspiring each child to find their own potential in all areas. Each day the children explore topics they may never before had learned about, from the sciences, to language and literacy, to the arts, to history, to mathematics, to social/emotional learning, to nature and the natural world. Often teachers will link many of these subject areas together, thus creating a learning environment that is rich with connections that the children thrive on.center time 3

Underneath this vast experience of learning opportunities that Peacock provides for the children, there is a wonderful sense of  a deep caring and respect our educators have for each child, honoring each child’s individual nature. The children have in turn learned an acceptance of differences, as well as a genuine kindness towards all people, those in their classroom and anyone who walks in the room.photo (31)