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Preschool Programs

Now Enrolling Preschoolers!

At Peacock Family Services, all youth ages 2.5 through 5 years content-rich programming with cognitive, social, and physical experiences. We embrace the comforts of good friends, loving caregivers, and familiar routines; and are busy with child-centered, developmentally appropriate activities. By providing a balanced program honoring multiple learning styles, and an anti-bias curriculum, we support the growth of the listener, speaker, reader, writer, mathematician, scientist, artist, musician, dancer, and friend within each child.

Our preschool program is geared toward youth 30 months to 6 years-old with movement to our pre-k program based on a child’s individual readiness. In the preschool classroom we combine developmentally based teaching with the textural world of sensory stimulation.  We introduce more formal study concepts such as Montessori-style work stations, and themes areas for dramatic play, manipulatives, art, science, mathematics, language and literacy. All of our preschoolers enjoy engaging circle time in the mornings and afternoons. We incorporate music, Spanish, and sign language, and creative movement. For students with us all day, opportunities for naps and peaceful resting are provided while meals and snacks are enjoyed “family style”.

Four areas of intentional “educaring” – care designed for a child’s optimal development – occur within the program:

  • Staff facilitate youth’s exploration of ideas, guide project work, lead skill-building activities, provide occasions for discovery, and teach joint problem solving.

  • The design and use of the preschool space encourages exploration, communication, and relationship-building.

  • Staff practice consistent and deliberate daily observation of the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development of each child, documenting the development in words and photographs.

  • Staff and families regularly share their observations to further their understanding of the child and their world.