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Peacock Family Services Preschool

At Peacock Family Services, our preschool provides content-rich programming with cognitive, social, and physical experiences for youth. We embrace the comforts of good friends, loving caregivers, and familiar routines. We provide a child-centered, developmentally appropriate environment with themed areas for dramatic play, manipulative, art, science and nature, math, language, and literacy. By providing a balanced program, honoring multiple learning styles and an anti-bias curriculum, we support the growth of the listener, speaker, reader, writer, mathematician, scientist, artist, musician, dancer, and friend within each child.

Our preschool program provides multi-age classrooms for youth 2.5 – 6 years old. We use a play-based emergent curriculum to provide activities and projects specifically planned for each individual within the group of children. Teachers design activities based on observations, keeping in mind the objectives for each child and developmental stages of each age group.

With this approach, it is possible to have each activity meet the varied developmental needs, providing learning for the entire group. Consider a teacher encouraging a group of children building with blocks. They work on the fine motor skills while adding one more block at a time. They expand language skills and understanding of math concepts by talking about the attributes of the blocks, counting the number in the tower, and considering its overall height. Each child is engaged, contributes, and benefits in their own way.

To help students develop a connection to the natural world, we have weekly Nature Nuts walks facilitated by our outdoor instructors. Our preschoolers enjoy engaging circle time, along with meals and snacks served family-style, in the mornings and afternoons. For students with us all day, we insure that there are opportunities for naps and peaceful rest. In this way, we honor Peacock’s mission to promote the healthy social and emotional development of children by providing nurturing and enriching care that help each child reach their full potential.