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Toddler Programs

Now Enrolling Toddlers!

Our toddler program offers a world of sensory learning, socialization and care. Each day youth explore the world through their unique tactile experiences: touching, smelling, tasting, listening, dancing, and singing. We encourage our toddlers to enjoy ooey-gooey play all day!

At the Peacock Family Center, toddlers age 1 to 2.5 years are assigned a consistent staff member who follows the child through the classrooms providing a secure attachment figure for optimal development.  Links with family and home culture are valued, and are integrated into our child care program for each child.

Special attention is also given to the unique emotional needs of toddlers as their world expands and their understanding of “me” and “other” develops. We envelop them with warmth and compassion in sad times and rise to their playful moments as needed. For naps, their are surrounded with soft music and calmed with back rubs.  Toddlers play outdoors 2-3 times a day, everyday, and enjoy our gross-motor development play room as well. One-on-one time and a quiet space are always available for a child who may need a break from the stimulation of group activities.

As with the infant program, three areas of intentional “educaring” are employed:

  • Snacking toddlerIn daily care giving tasks, such as meals and diapering, staff are specifically trained to interact in an attuned way that is respectful and encouraging of a child’s participation and development of skills and autonomy.

  • The classrooms are designed so that each child can explore, experiment, and develop gross and fine motor skills safely, developing their own self-direction and motivation.

  • Staff practice daily dedicated observation time — we observe each child and record activities and development, laying the basis for objective, supportive and responsive care-giving.